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Bringing your dream website to life,

one <div></div> at a time.

I use powerful platforms like Wix, along with my expertise as a frontend developer, to create or upgrade highly functional and manageable websites for businesses of any size. Work with me to build a website that looks and behaves exactly like you want.

Custom Code Solutions

Unleash the full potential of your Wix website and solve complex problems with Velo, Custom Code, and Custom Elements. 

Velo Certified
✅ Managing data collections, complex queries, and filters. 
✅ External API integration.
✅ Customize Wix - Stores, Bookings, Payments etc.
✅ Custom Forms and Emails.
✅ Analytics, Tracking and Marketing Integrations.
✅ 100% real website with your own domain name.
✅ Perfect for a small business. 
✅ Cost efficient.

Quick web solutions for your business,
built on Wix. 

Using Wix allows me to deliver you a beautiful fully fledged website quickly and efficiently. It also eases the handoff and maintenance of your site, allowing you to control your site through the dashboard. You can easily upload content or products, manage a booking system, or add more developers to your project with little overhead.

Modern Responsive Design with Editor X

Editor X is the perfect tool for utilizing all of the Wix business tools and creating a beautiful, modern, responsive website. If visuals are key to your business and your willing to go an extra mile for your site I can take you there with Editor X.

wix marketplace.JPG
5 starts.JPG

Wix real-time API

"Accomplished a very complex task in a lightning fast fashion! But the real quality showed up when he did not just complete the tasks but implemented the structure in an entirely tailored way according to the project's needs. Definitely recommend!"

-Erhan (Upwork Client)

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